An Accidentally Old-Fashioned Afternoon

Peeping in our kitchen window this afternoon an observer would have witnessed something very rare, a picture book family at home in the afternoon. The mother peeling apples from the garden. A boy, the eldest, writing in this workbook. A toddler colouring in a dinosaur picture, quietly. A third boy, the middle child, at the… Continue reading An Accidentally Old-Fashioned Afternoon


What Makes Crochet The Perfect Craft

Over the years, since I started this blog, I’ve mentioned crochet several times. I’ve also spoken of and even posted tutorials on paper crafts, decoupage, patchwork, felt crafts and sewing. Crochet has remained a hobby I’ve worked on but never gone into detail on. After years of crocheting, but still considering myself to be at beginner… Continue reading What Makes Crochet The Perfect Craft