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First Quarter Results Are In

The first quarter results are in. Its been a mixed one. Ups. Downs. Inbetween times. The big 4-oh. An up. A big one. A frustrating February. A down. Lots of reading. An up. Lots of unfinished, challenging books. A down(er). Learning new skills – conversational French, new crochet stitches, cooking game dishes.  Peaks and troughts and peaks and troughs but the future is looking bright.

The best bit, looking back, was the slow, steady plod of the everyday.  The white noise of life underlying the highs and lows. After school cake and chats, Saturday afternoons cleaning out the chicken coop, raking away leaves to find daffodils pushing through to the sunlight, signing permission slips and 5th class test results, saying yes to playdates, the late night run to the shop for milk for breakfast, coffee and the radio in the car on the drive to work, office slagging, the sheen off a freshly washed floor, the dog’s head on my lap, a childs hand in mine, wiping noses, drying tears, subscription magazines in the post, phonecalls home,  wife life, mum life, work life, my life.

I predict a slow, steady second quarter.



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