How to have a Corona-friendly, eco-friendly, wallet-friendly, relationship-strengthening Mothers’ Day

Well, that title is a bit of a mouthful, isn’t it? But you see I felt the need to share the fact that you do not have to a) break the bank, b) buy tat or c) risk exposing anyone to the Corona virus in the pursuit of the perfect Mothers’ day gift.

For years now, the sight on social media and in shops, online or elsewhere, of the vast array of gifts and experiences available for Mothers’ day has astounded me. Radio ads, billboard ads, pop-ups online all try to push me to get my mam something she neither wants nor needs. And no matter what advertisers tell me, I do not believe there is such a thing as a Mothers’ Day “must-have”.

So here is my list of points to consider in the search for an eco-friendly, wallet-friendly, relationship-strengthening Mothers’ Day gift.

  • Resolve to be thoughtful every day. My husband makes me a hot water bottle and puts it in the bed for me if I am out on a cold night. I make coffee in the mornings and bring him a mug of it in bed. Little things like these show you care, every day. Have a think about how you can help your mum out throughout the year, then put your money where you mouth is and do those things.
  • If you are buying a gift, think about it carefully. Not just in terms of whether your mother will love it, but also in terms of durability, how it was made and how it will be disposed of when no longer needed. Look at the packaging too. Consider whether there is an ecologically sounder version you could buy.
  • Write a thank you note, reminding your mum of all the things she has done for you, the impact her upbringing of you has had on your own life. Mention some special memories you might have she doesn’t know about, like how a certain scent reminds you of a particular day or place, how a turn of phrase of her’s has made it into your own vocabuary. How proud you are of how she has managed her life. How grateful you are for the support she gives, the shoulder to cry on, the ear that is always there when you need it.
  • Consider too how you are spending your money. It breaks my heart to see people stretch themselves financially to afford a luxury gift, be it jewellery, a weekend away, or a fancy meal out. Showing your love by spending more than you can afford to or taking going out when you should be staying in isn’t going to make your mum happy, is it?
  • For those who find themselves without their mother on Mothers’ day, share your memories with your loved ones. Maybe visit a place she loved. Maybe avoid social media and anything or anyone that could trigger sadness. Do whatever works for you.

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