Get Your Wardrobe Autumn Ready Before The First Chilly Day

I won’t lie. I’m looking forward to Autumn. Not only do I enjoy the chill in the air and the crunch of leaves underfoot on a bright, dry day, I cannot bear the oppressive heat of the German summer. It makes cranky. Ok, not just cranky. It actually makes me aggressive. I slam things, I shout, I swear, I don’t like clothes. High levels of humidity, temperatures over 30°C and children who are suffering just as much as I am combine to make summer here rather unpleasant at times.

To take my mind off the heat, I am looking to Autumn – to cooler times – and planning my wardrobe.  By then I’ll be perfectly happy to be fully dressed.

Starting from the ground up, here is how I recommend you get your wardrobe all set for Autumn.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Root out your boots. Clean and polish them and give them a good dose of tlc. Check the heels and bring them to the shoemaker for repairs if they need it. If they are not worth saving, buy new ones or put your eye on some to save for or to keep in mind for when the sales come.

Looks for Legs

Re-asses your trouser situation. I hate taking out last years things only to realise they are just a tad too shabby to get away with wearing to work. Equally, buying new clothes before I have taken out last year’s ones often shows up pieces I forgot I had that are perfectly good.  And to think I could have spent that money on new boots…

Invest in some new tights and leggings. Opaque black is always handy and good quality transparent tights are a must, but don’t be afraid of a splash of colour or a bit of pattern either.

Tops & Dresses

Have a look at your blazers, jackets, tops and dresses. Does anything need a dry clean , ironing or an airing? Go through the pockets too. You might just find the price of a pumpkin spice latte in there.

Hold your own private fashion show, just yourself or with a friend whose taste you trust, to see what fits and what doesn’t, what you love and what you don’t. Ditch the items you know you won’t wear anymore and make a wish list of clothing or accessories that will complete the look you want for yourself this Autumn and Winter. When I was a girl I loved to put on a fashion show with my sister when we got new clothes. Now I like to take out my clothes and mix and match, looking for new combinations. A new summer blouse might go perfectly with trousers or a blazer from last Autumn. A cardigan and tights might allow you extra mileage from a summer dress .

Get measured for a bra.  It can make a big difference to your figure if you wear the wrong size. Wearing the best fit for your body will give you a better figure, improve how you look in clothes you already own and maybe even boost your confidence.

Check out the Autumn Winter trends for this year and see how you can adapt your current clothing to bring it up to date.   For a little inspiration, here are some bloggers whose fashion style I like. Lizzie Woodman for feminine fashion, Jess Soothill for effortless-looking smart style and Cara Sutherland for the kind of clothes I can’t pull off but like the look of.

Get Autumn off to a good start and show yourself from your best side. What are you waiting for?

4 thoughts on “Get Your Wardrobe Autumn Ready Before The First Chilly Day

  1. Great advice, I must actually *do* this-this year. I’ve loads of clothes that are now too big for me (yay!) and need to do some serious underwear shopping (yay yay!) and so many items that I haven’t worn in the longest time. I may need to invest in more black sacks too…

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