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Revisiting The Brown Hound Cafe, Drogheda

Do you know that feeling of finding a place you really like, be it a shop, cafe, theatre or garden, and hoping it will never ever change? That’s the feeling I have about one of my favourite places to visit when I am home in Ireland – The Brown Hound Cafe in Bryanstown, Drogheda. I love everything about this cafe. I mean, just look at these cakes!

www.threesonslater.com Brown Hound Bakery

But quite apart from the cakes, breads and coffee, what really appeals to me is the decor and the style of the cafe. The walls are clad in wooden panelling painted teal, giving a cosy effect, and the seating is a mix of deep window seats, benches and vintage chairs set around worn old tables.

www.threesonslater.com Brown Hound Bakery

www.threesonslater.com Brown Hound Bakery

Little touches like silver teapots and jugs, vintage china, silver teaspoons and butter knives with ivory resin handles add something really special to the overall feel of the place.  Meeting here for coffee or even popping in for a cuppa alone with the newspaper feels like a bit of an occasion.

www.threesonslater.com Brown Hound Bakery

www.threesonslater.com Brown Hound Bakery

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I had become a bit of a lousy bridesmaid to my sister in the run up to her wedding. Just before flying to Ireland, in an effort to improve, I sent her a gorgeous bunch of flowers in colours to match her wedding theme. I planned to follow that up with treating her to coffee and cake at The Brown Hound when I arrived in Ireland. Sadly the last minute wedding preparations took a lot longer than we anticipated and it looked like we weren’t gong to get a chance to have that coffee after all.

It sounds a bit selfish I suppose but I had been really looking forward to an emotional, sisterly chat and bit of pre-wedding excitement. Maybe I’ve seen to many soppy films in my time, but then again it is not every week that you are helping your little sister prepare for one of the biggest and best days of her life, ist it? Feeling a mixture of self-pity, selfishness, guilt and indulgence, I decided that if I couldn’t take the bride-to-be to the cafe, I’d take the cafe to the bride-to-be.

www.threesonslater.com Brown Hound Bakery

In between wedding chores I popped into the Brown Hound and got a selection of goodies packed up and brought them to my sister. She made tea, I unpacked the cupcakes and together we made lists, packed bags, ran last minute errands, baked the wedding cake (yes, the afternoon before the wedding) and, in hte midst of it all, had that sisterly chat. It was a lot less like a film than I imagined it but it was a lot more like us.

www.threesonslater.com Brown Hound Bakery

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24 thoughts on “Revisiting The Brown Hound Cafe, Drogheda

    1. Thanks Nicola. The cafe is a real treat. If you are ever up that direction, pop in.

    1. It really is. I love stopping off there for a cuppa and a bun. Luckily for me they do beautifully packaged take away too.

  1. What a lovely cafe – looks like it has so much character. I am a sucker for cake though. Hope the wedding went well! x #homeetc

    1. The cakes are beautiful as well as being tasty. yes, it has real character and is local, not a chain, which I really appreciate.

    1. So am I. The run up to the wedding was busy but a little bit of cake and a chat was important too.

  2. The cafe looks amazing. I love how it is styled and the wooden paneling in bold colours. I hope your sisters big day goes well. I’m glad you had your cakes together and a chance to have a sisterly chat #homeetc

    1. Thanks Louisa, the big day went off beautifully. I have been going to the cafe for years and still haven’t tired of the interior and the small vintage touches around the place.

  3. What a fabulous place, no wonder it’s a favourite. And brilliant that you managed to fit a bit of it’s vibe into your time together too 🙂 #HomeEtc

    1. Yes, i#m so glad I didn’t just give up on the idea. I felt quite egoistic but at the same time, I wanted to do something nice and sisterly.

    1. Ha ha, I don’t know if my sister would agree! I was a pretty useless bridesmaid for most of her engagement. But still, who doesn’t love someone arriving on their doorstep with cake?

  4. What a gorgeous cafe, I can almost taste the cake. And it sounds like you had a wonderful time with your sister too! X #HomeEtc

    1. They are gorgeous – proper flavour, not just sugary. Yes, I really enjoyed being home for the run up to the wedding. You can’t get that back.

  5. Such an amazing place!!!! I love it!! Also love the thought of you, daydreaming about your perfect ‘movie style’ day!! hahaha!!! I do the same — real life rarely pans out that way does it?! 🙂 Fab post Fionnu! #HomeEtc

    1. I just love the place. It is my go-to coffee shop when I am at home in Ireland. Ha ha, yes, real life rarely works out like in films. Mind you the wedding was pretty much big screen perfect.

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