Advent Craft Swap Review & Thank You

The plan was simple. Set up a craft swap and, once it was up and running, share the Instagram pictures and do a weekly round up on the blog. In that plan I neglected to note that a. I have three children, a husband, a job, a dog and four chickens who each require a little attention and b. Advent is the run up to Christmas, meaning I have less time than usual on my hands. Does anyone else suffer from this kind of ideal situation planning whereby you manage to ignore logic and reality?  Please say it is not just me.

The plans may not have resulted in perfect execution of my mission, but under the circumstances, it ran well. The Instagram sharing was a hit and miss on my part. So, sorry to anyone whose photo I haven’t shared yet. I’m not ignoring you. The weekly round ups are having to be condensed into this one post. Ideally I should have 25 projects to show you. Sadly though, a few of the gifts never made it to their destination. I can’t help but wonder whether somewhere out there a few postmen are enjoying some pretty little handmade gifts they forgot to deliver.

insta advent craft swap 2.PNG

I would love to be able to tell you all about the makers and creators who joined into the swap in detail but there just isn’t the space in one post for all that. Some are old friends, others new. All of them are creative, inventive and talented when it comes to handicrafts. Here’s a selection of the photos of the fabulous projects . To see the details of who made which gift and who received it, pop over to Instagram and check out the hashtag #AdventCraftSwap.

insta advent craft swap 3.PNGinsta advent craft swap 4.PNG

Huge thanks to everyone who took part, who took an interest, who liked and commented on Instagram. Despite the shortage of time, the  hit-and-missing posting and the constant feeling of not being as on top of things as I wanted to be, I got a massive amount of enjoyment out of the Advent Craft Swap. Waking up every morning in December knowing I would be sent a photo or a message from some lovely person made my month.

insta advent craft swap 5.PNGinsta 'adventcraftswap.PNG

Come late September I’ll be looking for participants for the 2017 Advent Craft Swap. Whether you took part this year and loved it or missed out and regret it, leave a comment below and I’ll put you on the “interested” list I am drawing up. The other list is my “could do better” one. Let’s see how this year’s plan goes.

13 thoughts on “Advent Craft Swap Review & Thank You

  1. The lack of *ideal situation planning*: story of my life!! The post was completely mad for me this year, lost a few parcels too. Count me in for 2017 🙂

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