Oh No, Oh No, Its Off To Work I Go

So, the contract amendment has arrived, the final e-mails have been exchanged with the new boss and everyone is expecting me back at my desk bright and early on Tuesday morning.

How do I feel about that, you might wonder.

Well, about fifteen times a day this post from my friend Helen’s blog pops into my mind. I am at stage 8 now, with stage 7, the gambing stage,  not given up on fully. Because, really, you never know when someone might ring up out of the blue with a job offer as a PR/writer/crafting/cooking person kind of thing., do you? That could still happen. It is unlikely, I’ll give you that. But it is not impossible, is it? IS IT?

It is.

So I am reminding myself of this – tús maith, leath na hoibre. A good start is half the work. With all the back-to-school business behind me for another ten months, my mind is now occcupied with back-to-work matters. Since it seems there is no way to avoid going back, I have been compiling a list.


Funnily enough, the issues are the same – getting there, getting back, what to wear, what to eat (all the chocolate, accompanied by all the coffee, is the answer to that, for the first few days anyway).

The getting there bit is the easiest bit. My 35 minute drive to work, listening to the radio and thinking my thoughts in peace, will be me-time and could prove relatively enjoyable. Getting back home will be the tricky bit. Traffic will be quieter, meaning I’ll be home in a shorter space of time than it will take me to get to the office in the mornings. But the actual getting out of the office and into the car in time to get home for the school run will be the bigger deal. This is something I am going to have to be disciplined about.

Then there’s what to wear. A bit of retail therapy in the summer sales kept me from tipping over the edge when thoughts of the office struck. I like to look well at work and I have a fair idea of what suits me, so I hit the sales and treated myself to some new blazers, blouses, trousers and shift dresses.

Home from the holidays, I was full of plans to try on combinations of shoes, jackets, tops, dresses, skirt and trousers and put together an easy work wardrobe, a uniform of my own making if you like. So far, the labels are still on and no effort has been made to asemble a work wardrobe.

Time is running out. I’m going to have to face the music soon.

Roll on Tuesday. I am ready for you. My ife will still be here when I get home.

6 thoughts on “Oh No, Oh No, Its Off To Work I Go

  1. I had to make it out the door on time, too, to get the right train to get back to DD. Set an alarm every day! Make it clear to everyone that you have to leave at that time every day. It worked for me.

    New clothes – what fun! I tend to lay them out on my bed and take pictures, so when I am brain-fogged and trying to get dressed, I can put together something sensible by referring back to my photos! Sad, but true.

    1. That is not sad at all! I actually had that idea – well actually I thought I would take photos of myself in the mirror in the work outfits I like best. I must do it. I hate getting up and not knowing what to put on.
      Thanks for the tip with the alarm too.

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