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Our Attempt At Homemade Bounty

Homemade Bounty has been all over my social media feed for a while now. Given that

a) we are big bakers and makers in this house and

b) we all love coconut

it was inevitable that we would give these a go.

Normally I steer clear of recipes that say have titles like “Amazing 2 Ingredient….” or “You won’t believe these 3 Ingredient ….”. They irritate me. I can cook. I can bake. I am perfectly capable of making a dish with more ingredients than I have fingers (although I did make an exception for these tasty bites with 4 ingredients).

But anyway, it is the summer holidays. We need plenty of child-friendly entertainment and I decided that homemade Bounty would be the entertainment for the afternoon. As it happened, the afternoon was spent outside having fun in the garden. Children being children, mine lot remembered just after they put their PJs on that I had “promised” to let them make Bounty bars.

So we made them in what should have been my down time. I consoled myself with the fact that we would soon have a fridge full of Bounty for me to gorge on once the children finally hit the sack.

The beauty of this recipe is that it needs no weighing or measuring as long as you buy the ingredients in the right sized packs.

200g dessicated coconut (good quality – you don’t want to be eating sweet, chocolate coated sawdust)

397g sweetened condensed milk (that was the weight written on the tin we bought. I wouldn’t worry if your tin says 400g 😉 )

300g melted chocolate (we used 100g dark chocolate and 200g milk chocolate)IN a large mixing bowl combine all the coconut and all the sweetened condensed milk until it all sticks together.

Melt all the chocolate.

The proper recipes will tell you to form bar shapes of the coconut mixture with wet hands and then put them in the fridge to set. However, if like me you are trying to get the whole thing done and overwith so you can finally sit down in peace, then skip the refrigeration of the coconut bars.

To save on having to wash millions of sticky children’s hands, I used two dessertspoons and formed quenelles – take a dessertspoonful of the coconut mixture and scoop it off the spoon with the second spoon. Do this four or five times till you have a smooth, elongated scoop of mixture.

Drop the scoop into the melted chocolate and toss it gently with a dedicated melted chocolate spoon. Then lift it onto a sheet of baking parchment that you have laid across a plate or baking tray.

Repeat until you have used up all the mixture. If you have chocolate left, drizzle it over the bars. Place the bars in the fridge to set for several hours. You want the chocolate to harden but you also want the coconut to soak up  the condensed milk.

Sorry, I have made that sound very complicated. It really isn’t. It is sticky and sloppy, but quite tasty in the end. We left the bars overnight. They tasted much better then than the one I sneakily ate before bed the night before.

Homemade Bounty.PNG









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