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A Kissing Home

Today is World Kiss Day and it got me thinking about, well, kisses. I love kisses and still remember my first kiss with The Bavarian, each of us leaning in across the table in a bar in Dublin on a work night out, two days before we were supposed to go on our first date.

World Kiss Day Thread

These days I am woken up by Number Three snuggling in with me and calling “Mama, tisses”. His speech is great for this age but he’s not good on his k sounds. Of the three of my sons, he is the one who wants the most kisses.

World Kiss Day Me & D

Then there are the one- or two-cheek kisses with friends and the highly confusing three-cheek kisses of the Dutch friends I made on my Erasmus exchange.  But also the kisses I blow to Number One as he heads off to school in the morning or the quick peck on the cheek or the top of the head that I give to Number Two at Kindergarten before he rushes off to his friends.

I couldn’t tell you the number of kisses I get and give each day. Plenty, that’s for sure, but never too much. I’ve even started putting my eye on some kiss-related interiors pieces since I spotted this gorgoeus door mat recently with kissing hedgehogs on it. It prompted me to see what else is out there I could find for our kiss-friendly home.

From mugs to tea towels to prints to cushions, there is a ton of home decor out there for kissing fans like me. It is the quirky rather than the soppy pieces that appeal to me – like the hedgehogs above or the blue kissing squirrels or the kiss my ass mug with an actual ass (donkey) on it.

I am pretty sure that my next few additions to my fabric supply or mug collection will feature a few kisses.

Are you doing anything special for World Kiss Day?

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