Inspiration – Lost & Found

Inspiration is a funny thing. We find it without it ever having been lost. It is all around us. We just have to be open to it.

While the ideas we are inspired to are individual, often we find inspiration in the same places other people do. Nature, food, friendship – over the years these have inspired great paintings, stories, poems or architecture. In turn, those paintings, writings and buildings have inspired others.

Increasingly, or so it feels, our common sources of inspiration are Pinterest, Instagram and magazines. We look to what others have done and found and seen, no different to the 19th century British interiors being influenced by what people saw on their Grand Tour or even Damien Hirst being influenced by the work of Andy Warhol. Consciously or subconsciously we have always been influenced by the works of others.

My own inspiration comes from all around. I often find inspiration in travelling to other places, eating different foods, becoming enchanted with the patterns and colours used in local art. Closer to home my children and my garden inspire me to many projects too.

Over the past two years, other blogs have become a huge source of inspiration for me as well. I see so many projects  I would like to try or which give me an idea for a project of my own creation.

There are times too when simply the shape of an object will inspire me to a new upcycle, as happened when I made a chandelier from a coat stand or a shelf from an orange crate, or when a small incident will inspire me to write.

Where do you find inspiration for cooking, crafts, writing or other hobbies? In the same places as I do or somewhere else entirely? I’d love to hear.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration – Lost & Found

  1. Lovely post. I have to say you are one of my sources of inspiration 🙂 I love your blog, think you sound like a fabulous mammy and would very much love to have natter with you in your outdoor kitchen some day!

    I pick up bits & pieces from everywhere, magazines would have been huge source a few years ago, slowly phased out by blogs and instagram / pinterest. Spending time with the Destructor opens my eyes to look at old things in a new light as I see them for the first time through his eyes. Colours, patterns, music and friends are other big sources of ideas. I’m pretty much like a magpie, I’ll pick up something shiny anywhere I see it!!

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