Italian Style Secrets

You can say what you like about Italians but they have style. We spent a great week there last week and while we were there I couldn’t help but admire how well they do things.

Take the exteriors of their buildings for instance. Simple things are somehow taken to new levels of beauty by hundreds of years of attention to detail.

The combinations of colours, the way the light falls, the skill that goes into carvings, engravings and sculptures. Scene-setting.

Like this courtyard we passed in a Venice sidestreet. It stopped me in my tracks. Looking through the narrow gateway at the stone stairway and the light flooding it from above was like looking onto the stage of a Shakespearean production.


And these shutters, thrown open to a laneway off the Grand Canal, the sounds of the Rialto and the smells from the surrounding trattorias wafting up.


The elegance of doorways, not to mention the door bells and knockers. Like I said, attention to detail.


Exteriors that would look shabby and dilapidated anywhere else look like they have seen so much. Oozing history. The stories they could tell.



And then the flowers. Everywhere the flowers.

Like in this street in Chioggia. The plaster may be cracked and crumbling. There may be clothes hung out to dry and external wiring that would look unsightly anywhere else. But it is all made stunning by the vibrant colours and the tiered array of flowers.


You can say what you like about the Italians. But they know the secrets to styling homes.



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13 thoughts on “Italian Style Secrets

  1. Stunning photos. What amazing surroundings. I really do think that the devils in the detail and the little touches like shutters and door knockers can make a massive difference to the overall ambiance of a property. I could certainly learn a thing or two from their sense of style #homeetc

  2. Gosh I can absolutely imagine that staircase in a Shakespearean play! I love the soft colours and the warm light in these photos. Thank you for sharing these glimpses ! Visiting with #HomeEtc

  3. Gorgeous photos! I completely agree, I remember Venice well and it was just like your first photo a maze of nooks and crannies, cracked and worn, but absolutely stunning. It’s all so picturesque and the bursts of colour really do make it so pretty. #bloggerclubuk

  4. Gosh — it’s SO beautiful — the little flower stall at the end is just gorgeous. It’s lovely isn’t it? To be surrounded by fabulous architecture and clever, thoughtful design touches. Those bells are beautiful — thanks so much for linking up pet xx #HomeEtc

  5. I absolutely love Italy, Hubby and I spent 3 weeks there n honey moon and visited Venice and then when Monkey was 15 months we drove down and spent another couple of weeks. Monkey is now actually asking to go back this year!! But you are right they do things with style – they do everything with style! Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again this week x

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