Injecting Personality and Practicality into a Family Home

[Disclaimer: The following is a collaborative post]

Most of us grow up with a desire to own our home one day, and when we envision that property, we think of a place that oozes warmth, calmness, and love from every orifice. Finding the perfect property isn’t always easy, but often it’s possible to turn a lovely house into a home that is ideally suited to your family. (Psst…that’s what we did). If you’ve recently moved, or you’re looking to update or refresh your interiors, here are some tips to inject personality and practicality to create a fabulous, functional home.

Adjusting the layout

Sometimes, when your family grows, or you fall head over heels with a house that doesn’t really work on a practical level, adjusting the layout offers a solution. If you’ve got a series of smaller rooms, for example, it might be possible to knock through, or to create an archway to open up the space. Luckily for us the previous owners took that step for us. We just has to go one further and tweek it to our needs. You could consider this option if you have two reception rooms, or your kitchen is flanked by a dining or a utility room, for example. Many people start looking for a new landed house for sale when they feel like they’re rapidly growing out of their current home, but moving isn’t always the only pragmatic solution. If you are thinking of searching for a bigger house, it’s always wise to explore options that could create more space in your existing home if you’re happy there and it ticks all your other boxes.

Creating adult and child-friendly zones

Every family wants to spend quality time together, but we also need a bit of space from time to time. If you enjoy reading, you don’t want to find yourself desperately trying to block out noise and concentrate on a book while your kids are watching cartoons or building towers to knock down a minute later. Try and use the space you have available to create adult and child-friendly areas, as well as zones that cater for everyone and enable you to spend time together. Playrooms and dens are great ideas for children and teens, while spare bedrooms can double up as spaces to read, write, listen to music, do yoga or meditate. In my case, the spare room doubles as my sewing and crafting space.

Personalising your home

Your home should represent an extension of your family and it should reflect your style and taste. Personalise the space, make it your own, and opt for interior design concepts, styles, themes and finishing touches you love. We’ve done that in so many spaces, from the reclaimed kitchen door to the antique bathroom wash stand, and I can’t recommend it enough. Take inspiration from blogs, magazines, and showrooms and stores, but don’t be afraid to celebrate your individual style and add a few personal touches. From your own art to upcycled furniture to bespoke items, there are multiple ways to put your stamp on any house.

Investing in innovative storage

One of the most common stumbling blocks for parents hoping to create the perfect family home is the never-ending battle against clutter. You’ve cleaned and tidied, and within a matter of hours, there is stuff everywhere again. We’ve all been there, again and again. Investing in innovative storage is a fantastic way to keep clutter at bay and free up space to make your home seem larger, lighter and brighter. Clutter can be a source of stress, and it can prevent you from enjoying your home as much as you should. There’s a raft of storage options available for every room and plenty of solutions for smaller spaces. Make use of the height of the room if you’re short on floor space by hanging shelves or fitting wall-mounted units, use the backs of doors to store coats or shoes by adding hooks and racks, and consider buying multi-purpose furniture, for example, beds that have drawers underneath. We have two of these and they really do store a lot.

Pay attention to detail

We often focus on the big jobs when redecorating or revamping our homes, but usually, it’s the minor details that make the difference between a house and a home. Simple things like adding a rug to a wooden floor, switching the knobs on cupboards and chests, and changing the colour of the front door add personality and flair. We’ve done all of these and the change is definitely worth the small spend involved. It’s important to get walls painted, carpets laid and lights fitted, but don’t forget to finish the job and add your own spin. It is your own home after all.

When it comes to creating a family home, you often have to make adjustments and modifications. Whether you’ve just bought a new property, or you’ve been living in the same house for several years, it can be a challenge to ensure your home matches your requirements and complements your personality. If you’re thinking of moving or making changes, I hope this little guide will give you some ideas and inspiration.

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