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Making Papercraft Bunnies with Toddlers

Easter ist almost upon us and I haven’t anything much done. Last year I was all about the Easter decorations. Now, with a job, a dog and a bunch of chickens to deal with as well as three children and the housework, there just isn’t as much time for faffing about with eggs, bunnies and glue.

The other day though Number Three asked me if we could make hedgehogs. We made a window scene with hedgehogs and toadstools last Autumn and since then he calls papercrafts “hedgehogs”. He rarely asks to do make & do stuff so I said yes immediately. We grabbed paper, glue and scissors and got to work.  I cut, he stuck and we ended up with a field of colourful bunnies on our window.

Here’s how

You will need:

Coloured card

White card

Green paper (we used wrapping paper)

A pencil

A scissors

A glue stick

A bottle top

Draw a bunny shape on one of the pieces of card. If you are not good at freehand drawing, you can find a template online or else just imagne you are drawing a snowman but add long bunny ears instead of a hat.

Cut out the bunny and use it as a template for the other bunnies. You can make as many as you like. We made three in three different colours.

Use the bottle top to draw a circle on the white card. You’ll need one white circle for each of your bunnies as a tail. Stick the tails onto the bunnies using the glue stick.

Next begin to make the field of grass. Cut a strip of green paper 2-3 inches wide and as long as you like. We cut ours to the length of the window pane.

Fold the green paper in half and in half again. Then cut out long narrow triangles along the length of the folded paper. When you unfold the paper you should have a nice length of paper grass for your bunnies.

Stick the paper grass to the window using a small amount of glue stick. Apply a small amount of glue to the underside of each of the bunnies and arrange them in the field. This was Number Three’s favourite bit of the whole thing.

Just before Easter weekend I plan to cut out some colourful egg shapes from patterned paper and hide the eggs in among the blades of paper grass for a surprise for him.

3 thoughts on “Making Papercraft Bunnies with Toddlers

  1. That is so lovely. I really loved your hedgehog project last year. I think I will get my kids doing this today, they’ll love it and I might get a bit of time to get some work done 🙂

    1. Paper crafts are so colourful and fun, I find. Plus you can get great results with a little bit of imagination and very little equipment or expense. I hope you and the kids enjoy it.

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