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To me it is still Winter, although with the recent bout of snow we had there was a lovely brighness about the place and a crispness in the air that reminded me that Spring is on its way. Even inside the house, there’s a lighter, brighter feeling now that the tree and decorations have come down.

While I was at it, I took down the three set of curtains in the sittingroom too and decided to give them a wash. I’ve mentioned before that I love red around the house, and I still like our red curtains. Now that they are down though I am enjoying the lighter look and have begun noticing the amount of green we have in the room. Our red wall is looking a bit out of place. Since it needs a new lick of paint anyway, I have been wondering about replacing it with green.


Green, so often described as the colour of hope, reminds me of the outdoors, one of The Bavarian and my common interests. We are not great gardeners but we do enjoy being outside in the garden, the forest, cycling along the Rhein or touring the Irish countryside.  When I put it to The Bavarian that we paint the wall green, I expected a groan of “Do we have to?”. He’s happy to put up with chipped paint. I’m not. To my surprise, he agreed. All that is left to do is choose a colour. That could prove to be the biggest challenge.

Green, as in eco-friendly, is the approach I have been taking to this sudden redecoration. Rather than rush out to the sales and buy up all the beautiful accessories, cushions and rugs I find to match my room plan, I have been curating – noticing the green in the sitting room and around the house, moving pieces around in different lights, selecting items and putting other away for now.



The green glass tea light holder which came to us as a wedding present has reappeared, our various green plaid rugs have been rooted out from the bottom of the blanket basket and stacked on the sofa. Various fabrics with green patterns have surfaced in my hobby room, ideal for fresh new cushion covers.  The green armchair I kept intending to have re-upholstered has overnight become a key element of the room; not quite a hero piece but certainly an eye-catcher.


The simple green additions pair well with our pale wood and white furnishings in the room. I can just imagine my glass vases, when Spring eventually comes, filled with daffodils, grape hyacinths or tulips on the coffee table or window sills. As the year progresses alliums, lilac, lavender and  roses will replace them. A wooden wreath, a bowl of wlnuts from the garden and a tall candle in a glass jar would match well with green for Autumn and when Advent, all too soon, rolls round again we can think about our Christmas look. A fresh styling for every season. A fresh colur for a fresh year.


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21 thoughts on “Going Green

    1. Definitely underrated as a colour. I suppose in terms of decor it has a bad history of hospital walls and avocado coloured loos. I like the sound of your bedspread. You can’t go too far wrong with Laura Ashley!

  1. OOOH! Exciting Fionnu! But which one??? There are SO many different ones to choose from. I’d probably go a lovely French Grey from Little Greene — which has LOTS of green in the mix. OR — if you’re feeling mega brave — what about Studio Green from F&B?? It’s SO dark it almost looks black. But it would make all your homewares absolutely ping out!! Looking forward to seeing what you end up doing! Cx #HomeEtc

  2. Looooooooooooooove green. Some lovely subtle shades here, Fionnuala. I’ve got a green post next week, featuring Pantone’s colour of the year, Greenery. I loved writing it because of my love of green. #HOMEETC

  3. Lovely! I have quite a lot of dark greenery (plants etc) in my hallway currently and love it. Thanks for sharing & linking up.

    Jess xx #HomeEtc

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