Counting Down To Easter With Kids – Making a Field Of Sheep

About a week ago I wrote about how to grown your own Easter grass. Ours is now lovely, long and thick and as such perfect for decorating with. We’ve tried something new this year – a field of woolly little sheep.

What you’ll need:

Easter grass

Cocktail sticks (2 per sheep)

Wool in various sheep-like colours (greys, whites, beiges and browns)

Card in white and brown

A black felt tip pen


Sticky tape


A pencil


Step 1: Use the pencil to draw the sheep bodies onto the white card. Somewhere between an oval and a triangle is about right. Ours are about 5cm high but you can decide for yourself how large or small to make your sheep.

Step 2: Cut out the bodies and apply glue all over one side of each piece of card. Stick the woll onto the card. We tried various methods as you can see in the photo below. Personally, I like the messier, wollier looking sheep the best.

Step 3: Draw the sheep heads on the brown card. Use your imagination or let the children decide on the type of sheep they want to make – a hairy, horned, mountainy sheep or a tame-looking one with floopy ears.

Step 4: Draw a face on each head, cut the heads out and glue them to the bodies.

Step 5: Turn the sheep over and tape two cocktail sticks to the back of each one as legs. Then insert the sheep into your Easter grass.


The three boys had great fun hiding the sheep in the grass and finding them again as well as moving them around till they were happy with the final positions.

Our little field is on the kitchen table as a centre piece and most mealtimes see the sheep getting rearranged. Thankfully they, and the grass, have survived the manhanding.

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