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On The Deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman

This week the sad news reached us that two great artists left this world, the musician David Bowie and the actor Alan Rickman, both aged 69 and both dying from cancer.  

It seems to be the way that these things happen in threes – people dying in quick succession. So all evening I had been asking myself “Who is next?”.

But then another question hit me suddenly. Who will replace them? Who can replace these men who have for decades been outstanding in their fields and have influenced the lives of people the world over with their performances.

David Bowie’s professional career began back in 1963, 52 years ago. Throughout that time, in his various guises, he sang, he played various instruments, he studied music and art. He was a true musician. His performances were, by all accounts, legendary.  His work is art.

Alan Rickman was discovered in 1978, 38 years ago. All that time he has been a magnificent actor. His voice, his facial expressions, his ability to so convincingly become the part he was playing are hard to forget. I can’t help but feel that with his death, the world has lost a real master of his craft. 

It is sad that the world has lost these great men, although they at least have been relieved of their suffering. 

What makes me sadder still is that I cannot think of anyone of my generation who could fill the void they have left in the arts. 

Yes, there are great talents out there – spectacular singing voices, excellent playwrights, gifted musicians and fine actors. But will they develop and hone their skills to the extent that we will one day so regret their passing?

Here’s hoping.

2 thoughts on “On The Deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman

  1. It's a good point. I don't know who might be their equivalents today. I was going to say it may be something we can't see now but will be able to see in the future, but I'm not convinced.

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