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My Favourite Home-Related Christmas Presents

This Christmas was a scaled back one, presents-wise. My sister suggested a secret santa among our siblings and my college girls and I decided to skip the presents this time but make more of an effort to meet up. 

It was obvious from the few presents I did receive this Christmas that the givers put thought into their purchases. And so I ended up with some gorgeous gifts for my home.

Back in the summer I put together a wish list of Irish-designed items. It seems Santa read that post. I returned to Germany from my post-Christmas visit to Ireland with two Stephen Pearce dishes, perfect matches for the bowl I already had, and an Avoca Handweavers rug which had belonged to my Nana (thanks Dad and Mam!). 

From the Max Benjamin collection, which I have given others on several occasions and only realised recently that they are Irish too, I was given a candle and a soap set by my mother. The candle is from the Max Benjamin Tea Collection and is called Victorian Earl Grey. The scent is beautiful and tin the candle is housed in is such a pretty shade of turquoise. 

The soaps too smell divine and will suit our redecorated bathroom perfectly. Even the box they come in ties in nicely with the colour scheme of the bathroom.

Speaking of the bathroom, the boys were given a set of Cath Kidson face cloths. They are the softest thing you’ve ever felt. The pattern of cowboys on horseback throwing lassoes appeals to the boys very much, so fingers crossed face-washing may also gain some appeal. 

My very favourite gift for our home this Christmas has to be the cake slice from the Dunnes Stores’ Carolyn Donnelly Eclectic collection

The detail on the handle is what makes it so special, I think. It pairs really well with my vintage silverware and my mis-matched china plates, both flea market finds.    

With my birthday coming up, the cake slice won’t have long to wait for its first official outing. I’ve already been given a few presents but, not one to open my gifts before the day, I have them put away. 

I do have a sneaking suspicion though that there may be another Stephen Pearce item in there somewhere. 

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13 thoughts on “My Favourite Home-Related Christmas Presents

  1. Some lovely gifts, that candle tin is very pretty indeed as is the cake slice.

    We have a couple of CK facecloths and they are fab, they stay soft years in you will be pleased to know xx

  2. Three cheers for thoughtful presents!! I have to admit when my sister-in-law introduced the idea of adult gift lists I found it a little bit strange to get used to but have since embraced it and it's lovely to get things that you really want. Avoca is one of my favourite places to visit (the Dublin store, I've not yet made to the actual factory) and we have one of their beautiful woolen throws which I adore. WEll done on your lovely gifts and enjoy using that cake slice X #HomeEtc

  3. Oh Lins you have to go to the original store. The one in Dublin is great, but the original one is lovely, out in the countryside just beyond Dublin.
    I do like to get surprises as presents, but there is no harm in putting the word out as to what type of thing you like, is there?

  4. Oh my you have beautiful presents! Where to start, I would love to receive a you them. That rug is surely priceless, such a fabulous gift, it looks snuggly too. I love the candle, the colour is gorgeous. Oh I miss Dunne stores so much, we used to have one in Liverpool, the cake slice looks like a perfect match to your plates and who doesn't love a bit of Cath Kidston. You must have been a very good girl Fionnuala xxx

  5. Thanks Lisa. TThat is such a pity that Dunnes closed in Liverpool. They do international shipping online now though (yay!) and they have some great new ranges over the last couple of years.

  6. Earl Grey candle?????!!!! LOVE that!!! I'm obsessed with tea, so a candle that smells like it would be right up my street!!

    Totally loving your mismatched china too — especially the one with the beautiful lacy gilt edge — just gorgeous!! Thanks so much for linking up with us lovely! #HomeEtc

  7. Thanks Catherine. We haven't actually used the facecloths yet. But they are so soft and have gorgeous pictures on them – a bit more appealing that the usual ones.

  8. You'd love it Caro. They have a whole tea collection. PLus they are really pretty.
    The china plates are from various flea markets. Germany doesn't have the same reputation as the south of France for brilliant flea market finds but it is actually pretty good if you keeps your eyes open.

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