And the winner isn’t ….

I spent a good part of this afternoon thinking that maybe I should have just forked out for the flight, the dress, the awards ceremony ticket and headed home to Dublin for the Blog Awards Ireland. 

I spent a good part of tonight glued to my phone and then my laptop, barely able to keep up with the #bloggies2015 tweets coming in, telling me who won what and waiting to see the word ‘diaspora’ pop up somewhere. 

I spent a good part of the last week telling myself I’m not bothered whether I win or not and telling myself I’ve no chance really anyway. Then thinking maybe I have as much a chance as any of the others. 

My name didn’t pop up in any tweets. But one tweet caught my eye and it humbled me a bit

Figures from

4,000 nominations,

1,400 entries
and 80,000 votes!

Some judges chose me for  the longlist. Then some people thought enough of my blog to vote for me and I made it to the shortlist. Some more judges thought my blog worthy of finalist status. 

From all of that, I made it into the relatively small circle of finalists. That’s something to be proud of, isn’t it? 
So, so what that I didn’t win? I didn’t even know there was such as thing as a blog award when I started out. 

Instead of dwelling on what I didn’t win, I’m going to be thankful for what I have won in the past nine months – and that is you, my readers. 
Thanks for the votes. 
Thanks for the encouragement. 
Thanks for reading.  

Fionnuala xxx

Post Script:
The evening after I posted the above, I got a lovely e-mail from the Blog Awards Ireland to let me know that I won bronze in the Best Diaspora Blog Category! I am thrilled. Thanks again to all who voted, helping me make it from the shortlist to the longlist, and thanks to the judges too. 

4 thoughts on “And the winner isn’t ….

  1. Aw, thanks Charlotte! I found out the day after I posted this piece that I won bronze 🙂 The tweets on the night were almost only about the overall winners so I didn't even know there was a silver and bronze in my category. Feels so nice to get the recognition.

  2. Thanks Rachel! When I posted this, I hadn't been informed yet of the bronze badge yet. It took till Saturday evening for the e-mail to arrive. I'm delighted though.
    Yeah, wouldn't it be great if we were all there next year.

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