I pity the old lady who lived in a shoe

As a child, I used to think that the old lady who lived in a shoe must have had something like 15 children since the rhyme tells us “she had so many children she didn’t know what to do”. 

Now that I have my own brood, there are days when I believe she probably only had two or three. It can be enough to drive you to distraction when you live in a house. But living in a shoe, that must be fairly tough on you.

I don’t condone her behaviour and I would never whip mine, soundly or otherwise, but there are times when I feel her despair.

Another thought. Given that she gave them broth without any bread, maybe she had them on a gluten free diet. They could have had allergies, ADHS or all sorts. Who knows?

Friday Frolics

17 thoughts on “I pity the old lady who lived in a shoe

  1. Haha yup, who would have ever thought we would be feeling a sisterhood with the Women in a Shoe…that's the messed up stuff being a parent does to you haha! #FridayFrolics

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