Crazy, Hazy, Lazy…School Holidays with Three Sons

The kitchen floor is littered with plastic laser swords, the coffee table is a mess of Lego pieces and yogurt cartons and I haven’t had a coffee or loo break in nine hours. Yes, that’s right, the school holidays have begun. 

I’ve just spent twenty minutes blowing up balloons and letting them whizz around the kitchen to entertain my three small, sweaty, sugar-buzzed boys. We are only on day one but the crazy levels are pretty high among the under 35s in our house today. 

I can’t blame them really. It is Number Two’s birthday, Number One had a half day at school because of the holidays beginning and, to crown all, they know that we are off on our trip to Ireland soon. As a brthday treat I let them have Capri Sun and buns for breakfast and I am paying for it now. At least the two new Lego sets and the scooter Number Two got as birthday presents have keep them occupied for short periods. 

But I won’t complain because I am happy at the thought of having all my boys around me for the next six weeks. In my imagination, we’ll have lots of family fun in Ireland and in the couple of weeks that we’ll spend at home too. 

Just in case my imagination is not to be trusted, I have a couple of child-free one-night hotel breaks lined up too, to keep me and The Bavarian sane. 

4 thoughts on “Crazy, Hazy, Lazy…School Holidays with Three Sons

  1. Hah! I want some child-free hotel breaks as well. Unfortunately my in-laws are off on holidays for several weeks themselves.

    And I love Capri Sun 😉 Even tho I don't really drink it anymore, it was always one of my favorites.

    Have fun on your family trip!

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  2. Thanks Helen. I'll pass it on to him. We've the family party tomorrow.
    I had high hopes for the getaways when I booked them but it looks a lot like Number Three will be joining us. He still prefers Mammy for night feeds. Bottles are for the weak seems to be his motto 🙂

  3. Thanks Alex.
    Yes, the hotel breaks are a big luxury. I'm counting the days.
    The boys love Capri Sun. I was never a fan of it, but I allow them have it now and again as a treat.

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