The Untidiest Room In The House

I threatened a while back to write this post. I was joking at the time. But the more I looked around me, the more I noticed that there is tough competition for this title.  We have a kitchen, a livingroom/playroom, four bedrooms and two bathrooms plus a cellar that I try to avoid because of the piles of needing-to-be-sorted-out stuff that have gathered there. 

After much deliberation, the title of untidiest room in the house goes to….[drumroll please]…the master bedroom. For once the children cannot be blamed for the mess, at least not directly. It would be nice to think that two grown adults could keep one room clean between them, but sadly no.

Let’s quickly take a look back in time to when we had a toddler and were in the process of buying a house. Oh, the thought we put into the colour of the walls,  how to arrange the furniture in our room, the effort I made to decorate the room in such a way that it was tranquil but low maintenance!

Four years and two more children later, it is a different story. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fine layer of dust on all glossy surfaces. The attention to detail here is immense. The dust has been allowed to settle to perfection, giving the impression that the room hasn’t been used in several years, despite being inhabited permaently. 

If we were to look under the bed, what might we find there? A long lost soother perhaps? Maybe some socks encased in a soft greyish white cloud of dust mixed with stray feathers from the pillows?  

To the untrained eye, the carefully chosen narrow dressing table could easily be confused with an ironing board, piled high as it is with clean but crumpled laundry.

As for the not-so-clean clothes, they are artfully draped over chairs, hooks and bedposts – handy as padding for when Number Three pulls himself up to stand.

It doesn’t look likely that this disaster area will change any time soon. By 8am the door is closed on it and we can ignore what lies behind it until nighttime when we fall into bed, not even seeing the mess that surrounds us. 

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8 thoughts on “The Untidiest Room In The House

  1. Yes, our bedroom is pretty bad too. Every surface is piled high with stuff that shouldn't be there. I am putting off sorting it until we emigrate….next year 🙂


  2. Haha! My bedroom gets like this sometimes. But when I am in the mood I will give it a quick tidy but not to be as tidy as the rest of the house! I just think it's the last room on my mind when I tidy. The playroom is the messiest/untidiest room of the house here! We are forever picking toys, sorting them out in boxes, I am thinking of moving most of the toys upstairs, out of the way. I need shelves and canvas boxes first though!

  3. It really is a case of out of sight, out of mind, isn't it?
    The playroom end of our livingroom is such a mess usually but lately the boys have been playing with their Playmobil castle and everything else has stayed tidied away, for a change.

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