Sandal-Worthy Feet in Five Minutes

I’ve never been great at being on time, and I have certainly never been good at being ready for summer before it arrives. When I still lived in Ireland, I was never alone in this. I mean no-one knows when summer is going to arrive in Ireland, if at all. But over here, the weather is that bit more reliable. You can be fairly sure that you’ll be going bare-legged by late May, at least for a few days. Despite this fact and having lived in Germany for 12 years already, I just can’t adapt. Well, I suppose you can take the girl out of Ireland, but you can’t take Ireland out of the girl!

As the years have passed, I have managed to almost perfect the art of getting ready for summer, just after it arrives. I do it in stages. Each time the temperature goes up another few degrees, I move up a stage in my plan. It is all very just-in-time. 

I start with the feet. Now if you are anything like me, your feet are not your best asset. So here’s the plan. 

1. OK, let’s call this your raw material. It is not much to look at but you can only work with what you have. 
2. Use a nail file to file the surface of your nails and remove any unsightly white or yellowish patches. Then add a drop of
almond oil  to each nail and rub it in well.
3. Give the oil a few minutes to soak in. Then wipe your nails 
with a cotton pad and apply coat of nail polish. Hey presto, you
have feet that can be exposed in company without causing

P.S. Each of these steps can be done while on the loo with a toddler crawling round the bathroom.

10 thoughts on “Sandal-Worthy Feet in Five Minutes

  1. Thanks Laura. There is a glitch on the mobile site. I have to find a work-around so that th background doesn't shine through behind the text.

  2. Ah yes. I had this great plan to be “ready” for the summer. Then summer came in April and we are now back to winter. Bummer

  3. That's the advantage of living here. There is always a sudden good bout of weather then a break and then real summer.
    Don't despair – you *might* get a good day or two again before the end of August.

  4. Thanks Laura. I appreciate you not giving up on me 🙂
    I've tried something now for the mobile site. Let me know if it makes a difference for you, would you please?

  5. That's right Laura! I'm glad it worked for you. I checked it on my phone and it worked, so I was hoping it would for you too.
    Have fun doing your nails 🙂

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