This is Motherhood #4

You are standing in a queue to pay for something in a shop when your baby wakes and starts to cry to be fed. OK, we won’t make it home before this escalates, you think to yourself. The nearest place to sit down and breastfeed baby is the local McDonalds. You can even get a decent cup of tea in the McCafe part. OK, so that’s the new plan. 

But the queue moves slowly. In an attempt to soothe the baby, you rock the pram gently and say to him in your best talking-to-a-crying-baby voice “Shush now. We’ll be at McDonalds in a minute and I’ll feed you there”. Then you realise then everyone else in the queue for the till thinks you are taking your six month old child to McDonalds for his lunch. You feel like shouting at them all “I MEAN BREASTFEDING!” but you don’t do it. You just pay up and rush away and try not to imagine all the conversations that will be had later in the day when they all get home.

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17 thoughts on “This is Motherhood #4

  1. hahahah!!! I enjoyed this…brings back memories! Do you know that an Irish woman actually did buy McDonald's for her weaning baby and liquidised it! It was in the news about a year or so ago after a heath nurse visited the house.

  2. Ha ha ha! That's brilliant.

    One of the few negative breastfeeding experiences I ever had was in the ASDA cafĂ© – I was feeding my 5 month old baby. At the next table a family were feeding their similarly aged child chips and tomato ketchup and kept giving me dirty looks!

  3. Thanks Morna. I'll one up you on this…My friend, before she was a mother herself, was at a wedding where there was a 17 week old baby being fed chips and his mother as dipping his soother into her coke (possibly with rum in it). My friend asked to take the child for a walk, purely to get him away from his parents for an hour or so. Isn't it dreadful that some children get treated like that?

  4. We went for an icecream yesterday and I gave my seven month old a lick of my spoon. I felt a bit guilty as I did it but no-one batted an eyelid. I don't mind babies trying a little of something supposedly bad, but it being their main diet is a no-no. A banana that may have touched a scoop of icecream is completely harmless in my book.

  5. I'm terrible for judging others on their trolley content but I'm trying to keep an open mind. When I look down at my own shopping sometimes, I do wonder how I come across.

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