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Dealing with Homesickness as an Expat

[Collaborative post with Allianz Care] With St. Patrick’s Day just gone, I’ve been thinking of home a lot. Big occasions like that can bring on bouts of homesickness for all of us living abroad, whether we are new to the scene or here for almost 16 years, as I am. Equally, banal moments like hearing… Continue reading Dealing with Homesickness as an Expat

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Memories, featuring Butlers’ Chocolates

Back in my college days I worked in Magill’s deli in Dublin. Around Christmas it was always alive with people, some just popping in for the smell. “Oh if you could bottle this!” they’d say, raising their nose and taking a deep breath of the spicey, smokey smell that hangs in the air. The mood… Continue reading Memories, featuring Butlers’ Chocolates

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Learning Irish At The Table

“Muck, bow, kuneen, shunnuk. OK?” says Number One, jabbing at his placemat. “Now can I have some cake?” he asks. I’ve introduced Irish (Gaelic) by buying new placemats. At school I wasn’t much fussed about Irish but my secondary school teacher was. She was very encouoraging and I ended up doing surprisingly well in my… Continue reading Learning Irish At The Table