March is out, April is in

I was going to write a blog post about ten days ago but was tired and put it off till the following day.  Then, as often happens, a series of mishaps and a bout of busy days cropped up leaving me with no time to even think of writing. I have barely been on social media, I have only read about 15 pages of my book and, apart from work, I have only written one e-mail.

What I have been doing is reading the instructions on cough bottles and nasal sprays, checking the dosage of anti-nausea drops, working from home, wiping up  sick, washing all the bed linen and towels and searching for the lice comb. March hit us with all the bugs. The television has been on far too much, entertaining one small boy while his mass of curls gets fine-combed and un-infested and keeping another from bothering me during conference calls and keeping his mind off his tummy bug.

As if all that wasn’t enough one child lost a filling and had to have it replaced meaning missing a day of camp and me having to take time off work again.

That was March. March is gone. Bye March. You’d better behave better next year, let me tell you.

This is April. Hello April. You look nice. Come in. Have a Mini Egg.

So far April has been kind to me. April started off with a very Easter-y breakfast with excited children – my own and my visiting niece and nephew – followed by  an Easter egg hunt in the garden and a delicious roast lamb dinner. Then there was a trip to the thermal baths in Gaggenau with my sister. Four hours of warm water pools, saunas, steam rooms, sun loungers, magazines and not once did someone call out “Mammy!”.

Yesterday we visited the natural history museum in Karlsruhe and today we are taking a trip to the Robin Hood exhibition in Speyer. For the next five days I have my boys all to myself and there’s not an illness or creepy crawly in sight. The weather is good and supposed to get better with each of those five days. Our new barbecue is due to arrive any day now.

April,  I have high hopes for you. You’ve gotten off to a great start and I intend to enjoy you fully. Please don’t let me down.


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