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Bathrooms aren’t generally the first place you think of when you think of wallpaper, are they? Bathroom images, whether in our mind’s eye or on the pages of a magazine – or more likely on Pinterest on our phone screens – are usually sleek and tiled. Often though, and especially in older houses, wall tiles can appear too modern for the house.

My mother recently gave her dated bathroom a face lift by having three of the four walls papered in a beautiful, romantic black and white floral pattern. Using mirrors, framed prints and paintings she already had, she was able to give the previously turquoise bathroom a fresh look with a low budget. All other fittings and the cream tiling in the shower area were kept as they has been.


Even in modern houses wallpaper in a classic design can be teamed with vintage or timeless new fittings to give an older feel. While obviously not suitable for the shower area, wallpaper is a good choice for bathrooms you want to give a less clinical feel to. Downstairs loos, guest bathroom and bathrooms with a bath rather than a shower can look classically stylish with wallpapered walls. A bathroom with a claw-footed roll top bath set away from the wall works ideally with wallpapered walls. With a black and white design such as the one shown here in a bathroom I saw recently, both gold and silver look well against it.

Paired with mirrors, always useful in a bathroom, and paintings, a wallpapered bathroom takes on more of a room look and less of a functional look. Add in some scented candles and pretty soaps and you have a real feeling of luxury when you settle into a bubble bath in a bathroom like this.

How do you feel about wallpapered bathrooms?



8 thoughts on “Wallpaper In A Bathroom

  1. I absolutely love the black on cream, elegant and not too girly. How will it withstand the steam? I can’t picture Husband in a wallpapered bathroom – that paper would be peeling in weeks.

    1. To be honest the bathrooms I’ve experienced with wallpaper have been with baths and occasional showers rather than the full-blown steam room showers several times a day. There are hard-wearing, more moisture resistant bathroom wallpapers on the market though.

  2. That wallpaper is beautiful! I’m not sure i could ever convince Pete for a bathroom, but definitely when we eventually build a downstairs toilet I’d love a really bold and dramatic wallpaper. Thank you for linking up to #HomeEtc x

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