Valentines Day

Pre-Valentine’s Day Musings

Is not celebrating Valentine’s Day a grand romantic gesture? 

The Bavarian is not at all a Valentine’s Day person. He never was. Until I met him I was mostly single on Valentine’s Day and even on the ones I wasn’t, it all felt a bit too much with the cards, flowers and meals. 

It always seemed to be to be more of a punishment for single people than a celebration of love for those in love.

So we have passed a happy 15 years without feeling the need to splash out on one particular day of the year when everyone else is doing the same.

Isn’t it much more romantic that The Bavarian brought me home a bunch of green, white and orange flowers on St. Patrick’s Day? Or that I got to stay in bed for the whole day to recover from a sinus infection that happened to hit me one Valentine’s Day? Or that he bought me Diarmuid O Muirithe’s book ‘Word We Use’ as a surprise and for no reason other than he knew I loved that column in the Irish Times?

Today we will visit the town we married in, but we’ll be there for a football match. Tomorrow will be St. Valentine’s Day and we will celebrate it just as we did on Wednesday when it was St. Scholasticaa’s Day or in mid- January when it was the day of St. Paul the Hermit. We will be celebrating a normal day as a couple and as a family.  

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