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In Search Of Hall Doors

Our house was built in the mid 1950s, a time when Germany was still receovering from the second world war and when people had to make do with a lot less than nowadays.


This house, like most of the houses on our short street, was built as a small house with a good-sized garden for growing fruit and vegetables. Attached to the house, when it was built originally, was a shed for housing animals.


The previous owners of our house renovated the former animal accommodation and made a bathroom and two bedrooms out of it. The hallway was extended by about 90cm in length in the process.
Where the front door was originally is now an doorway. The hinges and doorframe remain. For a few years we used to talk about putting a curtain across it but we never got round to it. The more I think about it, the more I see that it would block out the light that comes in from the windows in the front door.
Lately I have been thinking that what we need to finish off the hall is a set of narrow double doors. I’m thinking wooden doorframes painted white or a light grey and with bevelled glass panels to let in light but keep out draughts.
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I really like the look of this set- shabby but incredibly elegant. I can imagine them opening inward, letting the sunshine our into my sparklingly clean hall, something like the scene in the picture below.

dream house: the front door.:
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As I say, in my imagination. My hall is never this clean.

For the moment I’ll have to keep dreaming, of the doors, of the sunshine and of the sparkling hall. Glass doors and sticky toddler hands don’t pair well.

I’ve begun looking for inspiration on Pinterest, so pop over and take a look at my board to see more of what I’m hoping to one day have.


One of these days I’ll be taking measurements and keeping my eyes peeled for doors to salvage or pick up at a flea market. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 


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20 thoughts on “In Search Of Hall Doors

  1. I can see the attraction, those ones you have found look beautiful. I hope you can find something as lovely! But yes. Toddlers and glass do not make a good mix in my experience, so many finger prints! Becky x #HomeEtc

  2. Oh I love glass double internal doors, my aunty had it them when I was little, the first ones remind me of her house. They will look fab when you get your way – your youngest won't be little forever xx

    Thank you very much for your loveliness Fionnuala about my 'new look', I can not really take the credit, my colleague designed the logo and I have used a standard theme – but I am delighted! xx

  3. We did something similar in our old house, although we used contemporary to vintage doors. They opened into a large dining area and it worked well. Good luck with your search as you look for something vintage. #HomeEtc

  4. Wow your home sounds amazing, I love these doors and hope you find something, I would try rec yards for sure as they get lots of things like these xx

  5. Aaah these are EXACTLY what I want between my dining room and kitchen!!!! I don't want standard sized doors but the narrow, glazed ones, like the first picture you've sourced. How absolutely GORGEOUS. I'm keeping my eyes peeled on Ebay but they very rarely seem to come up. You're SO lucky with all the German flea markets!!!! Fingers crossed you find some!! xx Thanks for linking up pet — I really appreciate it #HomeEtc

  6. Aren't they gorgeous Caro? My sister got narrow ones made and they are lovely, old style, and painted anthracite. I will go for that kind too if I can't get anything vintage.
    I was in a house yesteray and with a really pretty et, a one third-two thirds set of double doors if you know what I mean. They were original to the house, so they had no tips on where to salvage them for me 🙁

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