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Sudden and Unanticipated Changes to the Bathroom

If one was to spend the better part of the afternoon urging and cajoling a very stubborn child to please finish their homework and stop acting the maggot, and if one was then to take a small child along into the bathroom and try to clean the bathroom and if one was then to get annoyed with the stupid ugly wonky old towel hanger, toothbrush holder and soap dish which the previous house owners installed and which you never liked anyway  and if one was to decide to remove them immediately, what would one use for the job?

Supposing the urge to remove said accessories strong and the only tools to hand  in the bathroom were a scissors, a nail clippers and some bathroom wipes, would one proceed with the job? Even if some accessories were attached with +  screws and some with – screws? And if one did, would one make it a personal goal to get the effing rawl plugs out too while one was at it?

If one did, the results *might* look something like this and one *might* be overcome with a sense of calm and the feeling of being the MacGyver of the female DIY world.  

This is not a true story. If  I had included the bit about the Lego man being thrown into the freshly cleaned toilet by the small child, his being delighted with seeing the Lego man go swimming and then drying his off excitedly with a towel, having fished him out – if I had included all of that, then it would be a true story.   

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