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The Dos and Don’ts of Bringing Children to a Christmas Market

Get them a mug of Kinderpunsch (hot, non-alcoholic punch)

Point out the twinkly fairy lights, the Christmas tree and any other light effects

Make sure they at least try some of the delicious, sweet and savoury food on offer

Let them go on the carousel

Bring them to see the crib

Make sure they see the handcrafts on display

Explain what they should do in case they get separated from you

Remember that their eyes are much lower down than yours. They may only see peoples bags, elbows and the backs of jackets

Expect a few grumpy moments after the initial awe

Let them out of your sight for a moment

Say “we’re not staying long”, unless you really aren’t

Promise what you can’t deliver. Check in advance what events are on, what is on display, etc. before you go, if possible

Let them touch the items on display at the stall. It could end up costing you a lot.

Drink too much mulled wine

You Baby Me Mummy

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