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Zazzle Personalised Gifts Review

It may only be mid-November, but Christmas is definitely in the air. I love this time of year – the planning, the organising, the making and baking. It is quietly festive. No rush and bustle. No need to go shopping or be bombarded with Christmas music. I prefer to keep the TV off and live a bit of a hermit lifestyle In November. I craft and  plan, light cinnamon-scented candeles and drink lots of tea. Then, in the last few days before Christmas I dive into the Christmas spirit with music, last minute (but carefully planned) shopping, Christmas films and lots of hot port. 

This seaon my planning got a kick start when I was asked to review a few personalised products by Zazzle. In mid October I made my selection on the Zazzle website. I could have spent days on it! There is so much choice, both in the range of products and in the choice of personalisation designs. You can even upload your own photo or design and use that. 

I would like to point out that if you are using one of the Zazzle templates, make sure to personalise it completely. The gift tags I ordered have text on both sides. I didn’t notice and only changed one side, so the other still has Zazzle’s text on there. So that is one little thing to double check before you finish placing your order. 

A week later the parcels began to pile in and I was thrilled with everything I’d chosen. A cute monogrammed notebook for a friend, a t-shirt for The Bavarian, an inspirational print for my craft room and a set of stickers for my homemade preserves.
Finally my main purchase, a tea tray, arrived. I had chosen the design from Zazzle, selcted the colour – a nice festive red that will go well with my kitchen all year – and added our family surname, Zinnecker, and initial, Z. It measures 14.5 inches x 10 inches and is a nice size for tea for two. Initially I thought the price of 35.90 GBP a little pricey. Once it arrived I thought otherwise.

 The Bavarian happened to be at home when I opened the parcel and he was delighted with it too, being a fan of woodland themes. Just as we were oohing and aahing over it, I spotted a small crack in the black veneer in one corner. The damage hadn’t come from the shipping. That was clear from the perfect condition of the carton the tray was packaged in. It seemed as if a screw had been tightened just a tiny bit too much. 

Now, Zazzle has a promise on its website and on the delivery documents that they will replace any product the customer is not satisfied with. That includes personalised gifts. I took a few photos of the damage and was straight on to them. The damage was very slight, but promise like that needs to be tested, right? Within minutes I had a reply from Zazzle to say, not only that they would send me out a replacement but that they would inform manufacturing of the issue to prevent it happening again.  

Just the other day my new tray arrived, as gorgeous as the first and completely flaw-free. I have been giving it a good testing, using it for my many tea and coffee breaks. Its glossy surface is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and, so far, the tray gives a hard-wearing impression. On the underside there are little felt pads to prevent the tray scratching surfaces. I was particularly pleased with this since our coffee table is glass topped and our kithcen table is painted. Considering the finish the tray has and the fact that it is personalised, I think the price is quite alright. 

With its colour scheme and pretty pattern, it is really getting me into the festive mood. I will definitely be heading back to Zazzle shortly to do a spot of Christmas shopping now that I know I can rely on them for quality and for keeping their promise.

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[Disclaimer: I was asked to test and review the Zazzle website and their personalised products and was given the above mentioned products free of charge in exchange for writing a review. All photos and all opinions expressed here are my own.]

17 thoughts on “Zazzle Personalised Gifts Review

  1. I love Zazzle, they have so much cool stuff (which is why I try to stay away from it, for the sake of my bank balance!). That tray is gorgeous – I might have to venture back… 🙂 #HomeEtc

  2. I always think the measure of a good company is how they deal with problems. Zazzle obviously have excellent customer service alongside some lovely products! #HomeEtc

  3. Your ideas for November chime perfectly with mine – a gentle bit of relaxed Christmas preparation. I like to dive in fully once the children have broken up from school (I'd have to replace the glass of port with sherry though!). I love the look of these products – especially the produce labels! #HomeEtc

  4. Indeed Louisa. It is a great combination – a great range of products and the knowledge that should something go wrong with your delivery, they will sort it out.

  5. I've heard some really great things about Zazzle so they seem to be doing lots right and I love your choices. I can't wait to get really into the Christmas spirit but sadly work stops me from enjoying it as much as I'd like to in the run up and often I can only really feel relaxed on Christmas Eve! Sigh, lottery win one day!! And really impressed with their customer service too, that certainly feels hard to come by these days X

  6. Thanks Lins. It is a pity that our works gets in the way of so much, isn't it? It is a necessary evil for most of us though. Fingers crossed you'll win the lotto one day 🙂

  7. Aah I have been asked to have a look at their stuff too but never seem to have the time to have a good browse. They have SO much stuff, don't they?! Although often I find myself thinking — I could make that — andI could definitely make that! 😉 I *couldn't* make a tray though, so am definitely tempted now!!! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with us! #HomeEtc

  8. Well you see Caro the difference between you and me is that you are a highly talented designer whereas I am just a bit artsy 😉 And I bet you could make a tray if you put your mind to it. But there is so much on the Zazzle site it can be a tad overwhelming if you are not loking for something specific. Have a browse though. You're sure to find something.

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