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Baking German Christmas Cookies

Like it or not, Christmas is fast approaching and it is time to start planning what to bake. To help you out with this I have gathered up my Christmas cookie (Plaetzchen) posts and reposted them here for you to drool over browse through.

If you have any questions, comment and I’ll reply. Happy baking! Fionnuala 

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12 thoughts on “Baking German Christmas Cookies

  1. They really are one of the high points of the German culinary calendar 🙂 We make hundreds (I am not joking!) of them every December – 40 to 80 of each of the types above and sometimes a few other types too.

  2. They are yum Lisa. Traditionally this cooie is star shaped (Zimtsterne, if you are ever in Germany and come across them) but I think that being white they lend themselve to the snowman cutter 😉
    I hope you do try them and your youngest enjoys them.

  3. Yum — these look delicious!! I've been given a festive cutter for a (not so secret Santa) and I jeep thinking I need to christen it and make some cookies!! Will try this recipe! 🙂 Thanks for linking up pet #HomeEtc

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