How To Get Rush Sick

“Mammy, I think you shouldn’t go to the parents’ meeting. You should take a break. You are always rushing here and there. You’ll get rush sick”. This was the lecture I was given last week by Number Two.


      get rush sick”     

             – Number Two 


Two days later I am struggling through the day with a bad headache, barely able to summon the energy to make a cup of tea, when I have to rush to school to collect Number One at 12 o’ clock, knowing I have to rush from there to Kindergarten to collect Number Two at 12.15. I pick up Number one just as the headache gets worse. I feel like throwing up. But I have to keep going. Number Two still needs collecting. All three children need lunch. We have an appointment in the afternoon that we need to keep.

I throw up. I phone The Bavarian and he comes home and takes over. Is this “rush sick”?* The wisdom of a five year old. Who knew?
So today is a day of closing doors on untidy rooms. A day of turning a blind eye to laundry baskets and hoovers. A day of heating up last night’s leftovers for dinner. A day to chill out with the boys in the garden after school. A day to buy new jeans and dye my hair. Because sometimes it is not such a good thing when all your jeans are suddenly too loose.
I don’t intend to get rush sick again.
*I am fairly sure it was migraine, but for the sake of an excuse to take a break I’ll accept the diagnosis of rush sick.

8 thoughts on “How To Get Rush Sick

  1. It could well be Louise. I get them so seldom, I'm not sure what triggers them. When Number One was a tiny baby I got quite a few, I assumed from the lack of sleep. But maybe I was “rush sick” then too 😉

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