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7 Things I Had Forgotten About Life With A Toddler

I am beginning to realise that there are quite a few things that I had either forgotten or possibly just suppressed about life with a toddler.

 The way you can’t fill or empty the dishwasher with a toddler in the same room.
The stench of the dirty nappies of a teething child.
The way this happens as soon as you turn your back for more than 30 seconds.
The way toddlers have normal sleeping positions in their own bed but reserve their special perpendicular-to-parent, crucifix and windmill positions for the parental bed.
The number of times the floor needs sweeping per day.
The way that putting shoes on the small, bendy foot of a small, wriggly child is damn near impossible, especially when under time pressure.
The way that even the smallest amount of water will soak them to the skin, leave the floor needing mopping and make you very glad it wasn’t juice, milk or coffee that they got their hands on.
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