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A Bedroom for Number Three

A couple of months ago we moved Number Three from his Baby Bay at the side of our bed into his own bedroom next door. I say his own bedroom but in reality it is the bedroom that Number Two moved out of last September when we bought bunks for Number One’s bedroom. The idea at the time was to let the two big ones share a room and then have months and months to create a nice space for Number Three to call his own. 

As the months passed, however, the vacated bedroom became a dumping ground for the older boys’ cast-offs and the growing baby’s cast-offs. Even now with Number Three sleeping in his cot there, we regularly call the room Number Two’s room, out of habit. With Number Three turning one year old next week, it is high time to transform this muddle into a cute, personalised room for a cute little toddler. 
One tidy piece of an otherwise unorderly jumble of a room

 The room is my favourite one in the house because of its unusual shape and the beautiful original wooden floor. When the house was built back in the fifties that room was off the landing and had a door to another room. The family who owned the house before us changed the layout so that both rooms could be accessed from the landing. That involved cutting a slice off this room and installing a plaster board wall at a diagonal to the other walls and creating a narrow alcove that would make a great bookcase. To add to the curious shape of the room, it is situated under the eaves, so the ceiling is slanted on one side. All in all, the room is quirky but difficult to arrange furniture in. 

When we moved in, we put a lot of effort into the room for Number Two, who was a small baby at the time. Apart from a small pencil drawing of aliens on the wall by the door, the wallpaper has lasted well and I still really like it. Th basic colour scheme was green and yellow. We could stick with that, but I really would rather that we put a fresh stamp on it for Number Three. As a newborn, he was given a present of this gorgeous David Fussenegger blanket by a friend of mine and at the back of my mind that was the solour scheme I was planning on using for his room. Then he got a christening gift of a beautiful keepsake box and I fell in love with it. My ideas for the room began to move towards a combination of the the blanket and the box – blue, green, yellow and maybe a hint of pinkish-red.

The David Fusenegger Blanket
The Keepsake Box
As I tidied the room earlier today, I noticed that we already have a lot of primary colours in the room in the form of toys, books and curtains. The thought struck me that maybe it would be best to go with that as a colour scheme – striking primary colours, clean lines, a simple look. 

But does this work as well with the natural wood floor and furniture as it would against white? My gut feeling is that the colours and style of the blanket and keepsake box would look great with the wooden features, which I am definitely keeping, and better suit the quirky shape  of the room.

Hmmm, I think I feel a mood board coming on.

What are your thoughts? Has anyone got an amazing bring-it-all-together idea for me? Because I just do not have the time for Pinterest at the moment, much as I would love to click my way through stunning toddler bedrooms for the rest of the day. 

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10 thoughts on “A Bedroom for Number Three

  1. I absolutely love that blanket and actually you have inspired me instead for a little project I was thinking about in our bedroom. Sorry lovely, that doesn't help you but those colours are beautiful together xxx

  2. I'd say, brights don't necessarily work as well with natural wood as white. You could paint the floor and furniture in white — that would look awesome.

    OR — ditch the brights and go with the more muted tones of the blanket and the keepsake box, which also has very muted colours. I'd probably go with that lovely dusky blue that is in the K on the box and ties in with the background of the blanket. That would look smashing! Thanks so much linking in with us on #HomeEtc — we really do appreciate it 🙂

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

  3. Yes, that was my line of thinking too. I really feel the softer colours would work better with the wood. Much as I love painting furniture, I think it would be a shame to cover up that lovely floor.
    And thank you for hosting 🙂 x

  4. I think the bright colours go with wood, it's a natural neutral and each will enhance the other. Love the shape of the room and I'm also liking that striped wallpaper – have fun choosing what to do for number 3! #homeetc

  5. First of all I'm with you on how difficult it is to arrange furniture in an attic/eaves room – both our kids have attic rooms and it does take up so much of the space. I do love those wooden floors though and I'm with you that it would be a shame to cover up the wood so I'd go with the more muted colours too and make that your palette. Good luck!

  6. Thanks Michelle. I'm defintely keeping the floor as it is. I love it. I'm really tending towards the muted colours and think I will go ahead with that.

  7. Thanks Stevie. I've been gathering a bit more inspiration as the week has progressed and *think* I might be able to pull it all together pretty soon.

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