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Where is it actually National Kissing Day today?

I’ve seen a lot online today about National Kissing Day. What puzzled me is that I saw posts and articles from various nationalities. Being a bit of a getting-my-facts-straight stickler, I googled “National Kissing Day 2015” and found links from the US, the UK and Ireland all claiming that today, 19th June 2015 is National Kissing Day. So I am none the wiser as to where exactly it is National Kissing Day.

International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day is not until the 6th July 2015, so if you’ve missed on the action today, the date in your diary for next month. But for the more spontaneous among you who feel like celebrating today, I have just the recipe for you: Kiss-Me-Quick Pudding!

Kiss-Me-Quick Pudding
Rub 125g butter into 250g flour. Add 60g sugar, 1tsp carbonate of soda, 4 tablespoons of raspberry jam and 2 well beaten eggs. Beat together and steam for 2 hours. 

My great great grandmother cut this recipe out of a newspaper in April 1895 and added it to her scrapbook of recipes, which I have inherited. I’m planning to cook this on 6th July. Stay tuned to find out how it turns out.  

Now kiss someone, quick!

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