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What was it Monthy Python used to say?

Number Three and I got loads done this morning. We dispatched Number One to school and brought Number Two to Kindergarten. We put on a whites wash and I cleaned the bathroom while Number Three had his short mid-morning nap. Then we set off for the shopping centre to buy grease stain remover for The Bavarian’s shirt. Afterwards we came home and I fed Number Three his lunch, during which he pooed. So I took him upstairs to change him. 

  • For the first time in months, he’d done one of those explosive, out-of-the-nappy, all-up-the-back poos. But I held back the annoyance and looked on the bright side. He was due a bath today anyway.
  • He was wearing his white GAP long sleeve body and now it was covered in brownish-yellowish crap. But on the bright side, there were plenty more clean clothes in his chest of drawers.
  • I’d only just done a whites wash and now his body and his changing mat cover, also white, needed washing. But on the bright side, he hadn’t had a t-shirt on and his socks and trousers had escaped damage.
  • I’d only just cleaned the bathroom and here I was washing poo out of baby clothes in the washbasin. But on the bright side, handwashing poo out of baby clothes in a clean bathroom is better than doing it in a dirty bathroom.
  • I’d only just been to the shop for stain remover and had bought the one for grease rather than the all-purpose one. But on the bright side, steeping the soiled items in Milton would do the trick and leave the enamel sink sparklingly clean too.
  • I’d only just decided to seriously cut back on my sugar and coffee intake. But on the bright side, I was going to need a treat after this and I knew there was a Mars bar hidden away that would go nicely with my cuppa.

What would we do without the bright side, eh?

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2 thoughts on “What was it Monthy Python used to say?

  1. Ha!! I love this! Were you thinking this post through as you were sorting through poo-gate?! I bet you were. Sometimes it really helps to imagine you're writing a post so you don't lose it. I hope you enjoyed that mars bar, definitely deserved 😉

    thanks for linking up to #theList xx

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