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This Week I’ve Loved – Filming with Number Two

There are times in life when you ask yourself “Why did I do that? It was obviously a bad idea” and then it turns out it wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Like me moving to Germany with no money and no job. But twelve years later I am still here, happily married and with three sons and a lovely house.
I had one of those bad idea moments this week, albeit on a much smaller scale. I had a notion to make a yeast bread video tutorial. When I couldn’t get my phone to the right angle to film from, I asked Number Two (my almost 5 year old) to hold the phone steady for a few minutes. It started off well but then he decided to get creative and take a few photos of me. As he did so, he chatted and waved the phone about, leaving me a video in need of severe editing. But what I also got were some candid shots of me in the kitchen, just doing what I normally do while baking. Number Two enjoyed filming and photographing as he pleased while I had floury hands.
I loved this shared moment with Number Two, interrupting our usual routine of breakfast, chatting and getting ready for the day by adding a phone set to video mode into the mix.
I never got to re-film the start of the tutorial, but here is what i was able to salvage. If you are interested in the recipe, leave me a comment and I’ll post it soon.

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9 thoughts on “This Week I’ve Loved – Filming with Number Two

  1. Ah that's wonderful, I love it when the kids take charge of the camera! Mine are always blurry or off centre but I reckon your little helper has done a great job. The yeast bread looks delicious! Thanks for linking up. #ThisWeekIveLoved xx

  2. I'd say a budding little photographer don't you think!! It's so lovely when they want to join in with what we're doing, but yes, invariably things never quite go as according to plan as you'd hoped if you were doing it alone! Thanks so much for linking up with #ThisWeekIveLoved Steph xxx

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