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A Handwritten Post

My kitchen table / writing desk /workshop

I got this idea for a handwritten post from Sarah at the wonderfully-named blog Whimsical Mumblings. At first I was a little confused by the idea but as I read Sarah’s post I realised what she meant about how individual our handwriting is. You get a bit more of a feel for the person than you do purely from typed writing. So, read on and if you can’t understand my writing, sorry. Leave me a comment and let me know. This is my standard, everyday version, not my filling out forms or putting inscriptions on books handwriting, I’m afraid.  

Could you read it? I hope so. Leave me a comment and let me know whether I need to improve my hand.

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4 thoughts on “A Handwritten Post

  1. I saw your post on Twinkle Tuesday. I love the idea of a handwritten post. I may just try that. It is so true house everyone's handwriting is different. I think I could read most of your note.

  2. What a lovely idea…yes I could read it. I hate my handwriting and sometimes it's like my hand has forgotten how to use a pen! With typing so much at work and now when I blog, I can feel my hands are going to end up painful. I wonder just how many people will suffer with arthritis earlier than people would have done before the invention of the computer keyboard and now iphone! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  3. Lisa, I know just what you mean about forgetting how to hold a pen. And as for the old joints, I swear by cod liver oil capsules. I am only a few years older than you but every now and again I feel a twinge in my knuckles (eek).

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