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What I really should be doing instead of typing right this minute

Do you ever get the mammy blogger guilt? The voice in your head telling you “You really should be hoovering / making dinner / ironing / doing the tax returns/….”. I get that a lot, despite not being a huge output blogger. 

So here is my list of what I really should be doing instead of typing right this minute (Monday27th April, 3.43pm).

  • Checking on the brown bread in the oven
  • Emptying the washer and dryer
  • Putting Number Three’s jacket on him
  • Getting to kindergarten to collect Number Two so that we have time to go to the library after collecting Number One from sachool
  • Switching off the lights, radio and cooker so that I can leave
  • Putting on my jacket
  • Leaving the house
I can do all that in the next 90 seconds, can’t I?

[Logs off and bolts round the place like a blue-arsed fly in order not to be late at the school gates]

Post script: It took 4 minutes rather than 90 seconds to get out of the house, but we still managed to make it to the school gates on time and to the library too. But we were two minutes late for football (not my fault, I would like to add). 
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18 thoughts on “What I really should be doing instead of typing right this minute

  1. I get this niggling feeling every time I do something for myself! I have put the kettle on 5 times this afternoon and only had one cup of tea! When is it “my time”? Ha! Thanks for sharing. Great post.

  2. I dread to think of all the things I should be doing right now, but while the kids are at school and preschool I figure I deserve some 'me time' on the computer! x

  3. #TwinklyTuesday. I have this guilt all the time but it's difficult because before I had kids I worked full time and although I don't miss the job itself, I miss the intellectual involvement and the being something other than a mum for a bit. I've ever worked out how to stop the guilt though. I'm thinking about treating blogging like a job and assigning fixed hours to it.

  4. I get this too – but I always make myself by 'just' checking Twitter or my stats one more time before I leave! #TwinklyTuesday

  5. Ha, great list! There's always something else we should be doing when we're taking a moment for ourselves, but we need that moment.

  6. I know exactly what you mean. You need something to keep the old brain going. Fixed hours may well be the way to go.
    Thanks for your comment Linda.

  7. We certainly do Julie. There is nothing like a good creative outlet to help you switch off and recharge a bit.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Ohmyword — did I write this??!! Haha! Nope — but this is what goes on in my head, at least 5 times a day!! SO good to realise that I'm not the only one.

    A. Having these thoughts.

    B. Blogging when I should be (washing, cleaning, playing with my boys, cooking, working) doing something else! 😉

    Thanks for linking up to #TwinklyTuesday x

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

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