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This is Motherhood #3

Forgetting that you said you’d call to your neighbour on his 50th birthday, you end up having to rush to the supermarket shortly before closing time to buy a bottle of wine. Baby, of course, is not impressed with suddenly being flung into the car seat and decides to scream at the top of his lungs as you power walk through the aisles to find a decent bottle of Spanish wine (the neighbour’s preferred country of origin – naturally, you want it to look like you put a lot of thought into this gift). Wine safely stowed in the trolly, you speed walk in the direction of the check-out before coming to an abrupt stop. Gordon’s Gin is on special offer and hubby loves it. Add to trolly, proceed to check-out. Lift baby out to console him. Breath sigh of relief. Notice the smiles of the woman in front of you when she catches the baby’s (teary) eye then notice how her gaze sinks to the contents of your trolley…two bottles of alcohol and nothing else. Turn on heel and power walk, steering trolley with one hand and carrying baby in the other, to the wine aisle and search desperately for wine bottle gift bags. Grab the nicest looking one (preferably with something like “A Gift For You” in large gold writing so it is clear to everyone that at least one of these bottles is not for your own consumption) and head back to the now even longer queues for the check out. Wait and wait and wait then pay and head home with your screaming baby. Get the older children to bed and ask hubby to call to the neighbour before it is too late. Hear the garden gate clink as he leaves. Hear the garden gate clink again a minute later. No-one home. Seems they forgot too that you said you’d call over. Sit down and open the gin.

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8 thoughts on “This is Motherhood #3

  1. Without the baby maybe. But here in Germany there are way too many nosy biddybodies who will point out that maybe you shouldn't drink while breastfeeding or maybe you should be at home devoting 100% of your attention to you child rather than shopping for wine. Not worth the hassle to be honest.
    Thanks for the tip though! I'll use it next time.

  2. I'm terrible for looking at other people's grocery shopping and wondering what their life is like. Lucky you having a greenfrocer locally. We don't but I try to get to the local farm shop when I can.
    Thanks for popping by Claire!

  3. I loved this! I never even thought that anyone would bother looking to see what I was buying, although here in Canada we cannot buy wine or alcohol at the supermarket. Maybe that is why no one is looking in my cart! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Here in Germany there are a lot of people who like to stare disapprovingly at parents of small children.
    I worked in Canada for the summer of 19998. I'd totally forgotten about the liquor stores.

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