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The 10 Minute Walkie Talkie

Friday morning, 7.45 am. Number 1 has just been dispatched to school (primary starts at 8am here – criminial, I know). Number 3 is being breastfed. Number 2 and I are in our PJs at the breakfast table.
Number 2: Mammy, can you make me a walkie talkie?
Me: Yes love.
Number 2: OK. Here. [hands me the box from his cough medicine]
Me: You want me to make this into a walkie talkie?
Number 2: Yes. Can you make it now? [jumping up and down excitedly]
Me: [stifling a groan and thinking “actually, why not?”] Yes love. OK. I need sticky tape and a pen.
Number 2 dashes off and returns a moment later with sticky tape,coloured markers and a pencil. After putting Number 3 down on his play mat, I slit the box down one side, turn it inside out and tape it closed. We discuss the desired functionalities – screen or no screen, how many buttons and what they are for, what colour each button should be and where to place the microphone – me drawing, him issuing instructions. Finally we stick the pencil into the top of the box as the antenna. 
From start to finish it took us roughly ten minutes, it cost nothing, he has a new toy and I was reminded of how easy it is to say yes instead of “later”, “not now”, “we’ll see” or “no”. 

4 thoughts on “The 10 Minute Walkie Talkie

  1. What a good reminder – I am terrible at saying “maybe later” and you're right, it's actually very easy to make them happy. I'm going to keep this in mind

  2. It is so easy to slip into “we'll see” mode and forget how the children quickly associate our throw-away remarks as negativity. Every now and then I try to shake myself into spontaneity and go with the flow of the children.

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