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How’s Your Sowing?

I know I am alright at sewing, but I’d never thought about how good I am at sowing till yesterday. 
As I lay in bed with sinutitis, Number 1 came in to ask if it was morning yet. I replied it was but would he and Number 2 please play quietly in their room for the moment. I was prepared for some whining and complaining  and my having to explain that I needed peace and quiet. My head was throbbing and my face felt like I’d been walloped between the eyes. As it turned out, no explanation was necessary. Instead Number 1, very eloquently for a six year old, assured me that he and his brother would do nothing to annoy me because that would make the pain in my head stronger. His notion, he went on, was that bringing me happiness would be a better plan. Using one hand to represent happiness and the other to represent pain, he performed a battle between them: “The happiness will fight the pain”. Indeed, in his impromptu scenario, happiness overcame pain. “Maybe we can take you into the garden later and pick you some flowers. Do you think that would help you?” 
I sat in the bed already starting to feel better and wondered where we got such a wonderful child. If it true that you reap what you sow, I reckon we must be reasonably good at sowing. 

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