Us and How We Came To Be

First there was just me. Then I started a new job and there, in the middle of the open plan office, I met The Bavarian. Two years later we packed up and moved to Germany. “For a year, maybe two”, I said at the time. “Forever” said The Bavarian.

We rented a dinky little apartment with a spiral staircase. We loved it. But once Number 1 was on the way we needed more space and moved to the flat below our. 

After a couple of years, Number 2 arrived into our lives and we upgraded to a house we adore. We fell for it and all its quirks at the first viewing and it has been a work in progress ever since.

In 2014 Number 3 joined us, just a week before Number 1’s first day of school and slap bang in the middle of our bathroom renovation. 

Since then we’ve been enjoying adjusting and getting to know our new addition while trundling along with family life.

Our house, not quite in the middle of our street.

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