Stocking Fillers – Getting It Right

Now that we are into November I think I can start posting about Christmas – well, the planning of it at least – without putting you all off.  Regular readers know I like to be organised. While that is mostly true for daily life, it is especially important to me to be organsied for big… Continue reading Stocking Fillers – Getting It Right

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Vanilla Crescents – Our Favourite Christmas Biscuit

Advent is almost at an end, meaning Christmas is almost upon us. Since moving to Germany almost fifteen years ago I have come to love Advent, primarily due to the endless traditions in Advent. There’s the feast of St. Nicholas when children’s boots are filled with chocolate, nuts and fruit. There’s the baking of Fruchtebrot,… Continue reading Vanilla Crescents – Our Favourite Christmas Biscuit

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Those Little Christmassy Things

Clove-studded oranges and gold-sprayed foliage, red candles and wire ribbon, spiced beef, chocolate coins and The Snowman on the telly. Those are my little Christmassy things. Not memories as such. Not traditions either. More like short scenes or photos in my mind. They are things that immediately bring the Christmases of my childhood to mind.… Continue reading Those Little Christmassy Things