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Finding A Communion Dress (for me)

Since I wrote last week, I have been on the lookout for an outfit for myself for the upcoming communion. When Number One made his communion a couple of years ago, I was so taken up with the children’s outfits, the food, cleaning the house and keeping an eye on the weather forecast that it was only the day before the communion that I put any thought to my own outfit. I headed into town with my sister and came home with a pair of demin dungarees. I love them, but communion wear they are not. I ended up wearing a dress I had worn to a couple of weddings and while it looked the part, this time round I would like to have something special for myself.

Given that I am permanently lacking in time to go to town and shop, I am sticking with online browsing for now. Luckily for me, inspsiration arrived into my inbox the other day in the form of a message from J.D. Williams aking me to take a look at their range of occasion wear. Although marketed as wedding guest wear, the outfits they stock are ideally suited for communion mammies like me or for other dressy occasions. I’m thinking confirmations, garden parties and college graduations.


While the range covers everything from classic formal to vintage-look, my eye was drawn to the large print florals in bold colours. What I am looking for is something comfortable to wear on the day, bearing in mind that I will be ferrying drinks and plates around for much of the time. At the same time I want to look good for family photos, so I need a dress that I can throw on in the morning and that will still look the part hours later. My thinking is that a bold floral pattern won’t show up every crease or child’s sticky fingerprint, unlike the linen and lace number I went with before.

In terms of shape and style, I feel like a dress with a full skirt and a fitted top. I am at an age now where I know what suits me, what I feel well in and what will suit the occasion. A dark-ish background and a bright, happy print will, I think, be fitting for the occasion, and for me.



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