I say Spring, you say clean?

So here’s my news. Spring arrived, all better-late-than-never-here’s-some-sunshine-to-go-with-those-daffodils. Winter had been pretty reluctant to release us from its clutch this year, hadn’t it? The sudden burst of sunshine has really shown up the grime though. It is easy to see where the notion of Spring cleaning came from.

My mother will probably hate to read this but growing up I thought that Spring cleaning was just a turn of phrase, some kind of madey-uppy fairy tale thing. People didn’t really ever give their home a huge big clean, did they? Out house was always reasonably clean and reasonable tidy, much like my own is now, but I don’t remember us ever Spring cleaning. Funnily enough it turns out I love a good Spring clean.


Since the boys have grown up enough for it to be worth cleaning properly, I find I actually enjoy throwing the (sticky-handled) doors and (filthy) windows open, throwing on a good CD – yes, I still use them – and attacking the house on a bright Spring day. I like to be fairly thorough anyway, but I’ve been given some tips lately too that I want to share with you.

So here’s how to Spring clean – are you ready?

I know, I know, just the thought of it can make you feel like retreatng back into the snug darkness of wintertime. But with a bit of structure, a good list and the odd cup of tea, even a massive Spring clean can run smoothly and be fairly satisfying at the end. you neve know, you might even go as far as updating your boiler so you’re ready for next Winter (check out supersaveroil if you want some energy supplier advice). 

Let’s get started!

The monthly purge

Firstly, you’re about to do a huge amount of work! So, why not make it a little easier for next time and dedicate a few days every month to purging your home of things you have collected and stay on top of your clutter. I do a version of this since we re-did our kitchen last year and it has made such a difference. Try it. You can thank me later.

Focus on one room or specific area at a time

Starting in one room and then drifting off into another and starting again is a mistake that will waste nothing but time and gain nothing but more mess. Start in one area and don’t move onto any other area until it is finished. If you find items that need to be placed elsewhere, simply put them aside until the area is finished – otherwise you’ll get distracted in another area, become overwhelmed and give up. I find a laundry basket perfect for putting all the items that need to be taken out of a room into. Once the room is done I take the basket to the next room and continue there. 

If in doubt – chuck it out

If you’re going to be completely brutal during your Spring clean, then you must follow this rule. Do you really need all those spare duvets? What about those candlesticks you hate and never use? That snagged throw that’s stuffed at the back of the wardrobe? Get rid of it now or at least take a good hard look at it and make a proper decision on it. 

Think head over heart

This is my personal stumbling block and I usually leave well enough alone. But if you are gong to go on a walk down memory lane, be strict. It’s not easy going through boxes of mementos and memories, but sometimes you have to be firm with yourself. Obviously you are unlikely to part with things like photographs but cinema tickets from your first date? It might be time to let that one go. If you’re struggling with this one, then get a friend to help.

How clean is your car?

The car collects as much junk and rubbish as any part of your home, so there’s no reason to neglect it when it comes to your Spring clean. Once you’ve cleared through it get yourself a little caddy of some kind for any future rubbish or junk. This is especially handy if you’re ferrying kids about. It’ll soon need emptying, but at least it’ll make the job a little easier than reaching for mouldy apple butts under car seats once a year. 

Slim down your wallet

Definitely not a once a year job. Clearing out my wallet is a once a month task otherwise I can’t get it to close. Receipts, loyalty cards, tickets…it all adds up to one big pile of paper. Remember to check receipts before destroying them, just in case you need them for returns or warranties. 

Have I convinced you that a Spring clean is doable? If not, which of the tips here appeals to you most? If i were you I’d go for the one that will bring you the best result in the shortest space of time.


[This is a collaborative post. Photos and opinions are my own.]

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