Loving Lately

A burst of positivity has hit me.  Not that I am a pessimist or anything but the last few days I have been feeling particularly lively and pleased with life. I am largely content with my lot anyway but I thought I would share with you a few things that are bringing me joy lately. It is nothing massive, just a few little things have have brightened my days of late.

Hand cream from the handmade soap company

A good friend gave me a travel set of three hand creams from The Handmade Soap Company for Christmas. I have one beside my bed, one in my handbag and one at my desk. All three are almost empty and I will most certainly be buying myself replacements. My hands are very dry, always, and so I always have hand cream near by. The Lush Charity Pot cream is one of my favourites but the scents available from The Handmade Soap Company are absolutely beautiful. I sometimes open a tube just to smell it. They remind me of being at a spa and with that scent comes a lovely relaxed feeling. Last night I checked out their website. I knew the brand is Irish but I didn’t realise how close to home they are, being based in Slane, Co. Meath. They deliver to the UK and Europe as well as within Ireland and I will be placing an order very soon. All I have to do is decide on which products to go for. Not an easy task.

Overnight lip balm

During Advent I took part in a fantastic gift swap. Twenty four people each made twenty four identical gifts then met up and swapped. Everyone came away with a set of twenty four little handmade gifts, one for each day of Advent. One of the mini gifts in the set was a homemade balm, for hands or lips. Being quite oily, the balm is ideal for use overnight. I find it soaks into my hands without any great benefit but it is brilliant for my lips. I put on a tiny bit at night after I have brushed my teeth and my lips have hardly been dry at all this winter. I have the recipe for the balm  – shea butter and coconut oil – and plan on making up a batch soon. Ill try to remember to post it here when I do.

New runners

Runners, trainers, sneakers, sport shoes? I have no idea what you call the things but I have a new pair. I’m not a sporty person. At school I had a pair of runners for PE. At college I bought a pair in T.K. Maxx for running, which I did very occasionally. Converse is the nearest I got to runners for the last twenty years. But on Tuesday I got the urge to buy a pair, so I did. They are bouncy and comfy and perfect for spending time with the boys, and ideal for Spring weather.

Sugru for a quick fix

Sugru had a special offer on last week – 40% off – and my supply had run out so I ordered both the standard black for general repairs as well as the primary colours set, which I am really excited about receiving and using. If you have never used Sugru, look it up. It is amazing stuff and sticks pretty much anything. I will be using it to fix part of my vacuum cleaner and repair my favourite boots.

Lindt Mini Easter Eggs

For the past five days I have been eating chocolate, which isn’t usually my thing. But, y’know, it is Easter and that is what you do. Luckily The Bavarian was good this year and bought me Creme Brulee and Irish Cream eggs. We also ended up with Marc de Champagne truffel eggs. They are all incredibly yum and also, now, all gone. Unless of course the supermarket still has some.

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