What Makes Crochet The Perfect Craft

Over the years, since I started this blog, I’ve mentioned crochet several times. I’ve also spoken of and even posted tutorials on paper crafts, decoupage, patchwork, felt crafts and sewing. Crochet has remained a hobby I’ve worked on but never gone into detail on. After years of crocheting, but still considering myself to be at beginner level, you may be surprised to hear me say now that I think crochet is the perfect craft.

So I’ll tell you why that is.

  1. Just a needle needed: There’s not much in the way of equipment needed to get started in crochet. All you need is a crochet hook, which you can pick up for a few Euro, and some yarn. You don’t even need electricity.
  2. Any time, any place, anywhere: You can crochet almost anywhere – as a passenger in the car, while chatting or watching TV, on a bus, plane or train, in a waiting room, on a park bench,….
  3. Mindful & meditative: Crochet is repetitive in a meditative way. You can switch off and immerse yourself in it.
  4. Do it your own way: You  an easily make your own designs and make things up you go along, once you get the hang of the basics.
  5. Awfully versatile: With different  yarn colours, textures and types (string, t-shirt yarn, plastic bag yarn,…) and different hook strengths you can make anything from lace to chunky baskets and doormats.
  6. Grow-with-baby blankets: Baby blankets are always a good idea and granny squares make the ideal type. When baby grows out of the blanket, you can add a few more rounds on and hey presto the blanket fits again.
  7. Waste not: Decorative elements like flowers, leaves and borders are great for using up scraps of wool. There’s no excuse for throwing the ends of balls of wool away.
  8. Feel good factor: Hats, scarves and embellishments are quick wins and give a real feel good factor when you get them finished so quickly.
  9. #CrochetGoals: You can find a ton of inspiration in blogs, on Instagram, on Pinterest, in magazines and in books. So no matter how good you get, you’re never finished learning, experimenting or drooling over all those amazing projects you’ve found.

7 thoughts on “What Makes Crochet The Perfect Craft

  1. I love using crochet to use up bits of leftover wool. I haven’t done any in a while though, I’m more of a knitter, however maybe now it’s Autumn and the nights are drawing in I can pick up a new project!

    1. I love the look of knitting but I haven’t the patience for it. Plus I wreck the tension. Crochet suits me much better 😉

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