Get Up & Go

When Number Three woke me I didn’t look at the clock. On Saturday mornings time doesn’t matter. I dozed, he wriggled and chatted. When Number Two came in for a quick snuggle, he told me the time, reading it from the digital clock on my bedside table. He knows I can’t read it without my glasses on. Still too early. When Number One came in and told me that his friend is coming to play in 75 minutes, I got a start. The Bavarian corrected his maths and de-escalated the situation by announcing it would be 130 minutes, not 75.

Awake now, I got up. 7.48 am is an ok time for a Saturday morning.  I could throw on my clothes and go get the groceries. Hmm, nah. I’ll write a blog post on Oldbridge House or making patchwork quilts. Laptop on, coffee machine on, let’s go! Oh but actually I need a new chair for at my desk so I’ll have a quick look online for a nice second hand one. Hmm, nothing interesting. Oh look, that cabinet is gorgeous and someone is gibing it away for free. A lick of paint, a bit of distressing, … oh it could be so pretty. No. No. Where would it go anyway? Oh hang on M & T are looking for a dresser for their kitchen.  I’ll WhatsApp them a photo. Ping. Gone. Ping. Message back. Ping. Ping. Ping.

Back to the laptop. Old windows. I wanted to look up old windows for the lean-to in the garden. Not much there. This door though. Maybe. Can The Bavarian install a sliding door? Better ask.


Ah you could.


Why not?


For the outdoor kitchen. We’ve talked about this before. Plus the door is for free.



Mammy, I’m hungry.  

OK, let’s make some porridge. 

Makes porridge while making up a version of the Bob The Builder theme tune to encourage Number Three to join in with the teamwork. Porr-idge and sug-ar, mi-hilk too. Smiles at laughing toddler. Can we mix it? Yes we can. 

So I’ll do that blog post now.

09:32 the oven clock reads. If I’d gone to Aldi I’d be back now with the groceries done. Hmm. Throws messy bed hair in a messy bun. So, I’ll go now. Oh wait. I haven’t eaten. A quick bowl of granola and then I’ll go. Ugh, that weather! And the blog post isn’t finished.

Mammy, can I have more porridge?  Puts out for porridge. Deals with toddler saying that isn’t proper porridge despite it being the same as the bowl he’s just eaten. Reminded of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Mammy, can I have ore porridge too? OK and then my granola. Pour milk onto oats. The carton is now empty. The milk is gone. Time for the groceries. Three hours after waking. Let me just eat my granola and finish this blog post.

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